Mission and Passion



The Rutland Family founded Gracestone Leadership in 2018 because they recognized that people can build relationships, positive culture, and personal/professional success only when they are determined to grow themselves first.


Gracestone Leadership's Mission is to raise the self-awareness of every individual to empower their ability to communicate and develop relationships in their private and business lives using positive, constructive, and the most current information technology.  


Gracestone Leadership's Passion is to help people experience positive relationships and teamwork, appreciate individual uniquenesses, and teach how to apply one's unique personality design in every situation for positive achievement.


Our research and education driven products and programs include professionally designed assessments, classroom style training, theatrical productions, writing, publishing, facilitating group discussion, internet marketing, and hosting seminars.


To contribute to the alleviation of poverty, Gracestone serves underprivileged groups by providing its services free of charge through Circle of Grace, a non-profit part of Gracestone Leadership.


Gracestone carefully evaluates its partners for environmentally responsible attitudes, non-discriminatory policies, and living wage benefits. We reject any company that intentionally profits directly or indirectly using slave-labor or any equivalent.


Glenn and his wife Deborah are certified to speak, train and coach by two of the world's cutting-edge organizations dedicated to leadership development: Dr. John C. Maxwell International and Dr. Robert Rohm Personality Insights. Glenn Rutland earned a B.S. in Communications from Houghton College, a Masters Degree in Education from Providence College, is the author of four books and spent twenty-five years as a sales and marketing executive with two fortune 100 companies. Deborah earned a B.A. in Theater and Dance from the University of Texas at Austin and is a graduate of the Performing Arts Musical Theater Conservatory. She has produced, directed, and supported numerous theatrical productions in schools, churches and community centers.


Glenn and Deborah have three sons, Gabe, Josh, and Nate. 

1109 North West St, Raleigh, NC 27603