A Slice of Life

October 16, 2018

Living Well.

Is that in our control?

Does it not depend on definitions? How do we define "living well?"

Understand, however, that it would be best if we could define it by our choices rather than by our circumstances.

For example, what if we lacked confidence but cared deeply about an issue discussed at a Town Hall? How would we overcome the fear? How about sitting in the front row and speaking up when an opportunity arose? Our personal decisions can dispel fear in our minds while also building confidence. Behave confidently no matter how humble you're wrapped.

It is living well.

Choosing our attitude is living well. Perhaps we have to pose a bit because we're troubled by others or circumstances that are beyond our control. Oh! If we recognize what we can and cannot control, we're on our way to living well. And posing doesn't mean being phony. There are a time and place to share our feelings, to shed our angst, to seek counsel. How else can we count our blessings? 

Counting our blessings...thankfulness...is another part of living well. Say thank you! Be thankful. It's easier said, by the way, than done depending on the circumstances. But it's never impossible to find a sliver of optimism or hope.

Can I suggest to everyone: Get some exercise every day if you're capable of exercising, clear your mind in the process, then think about that sliver. Meditate on that sliver. Write about that fragment. A sliver might be all you have in a loaf of darkness but chew on that sliver for at least a half hour every day. That's living well!

I'm flawed. You're flawed. Nobody is perfect. And that's why it's no excuse. When we stop dwelling on ourselves and start thinking about others, we will start living well. We'll care about others. And others will care about us. Remember what John Maxwell said, "No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care." So, listen. Listen to what is essential to others. Listen to what they want so that you might earn the right to get what you want. Be kind and thoughtful to someone.

By any definition, I'm pointing you to living well.


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